Tahir Ali MP’s Message of Support for SME4Labour

Small and medium enterprises form the backbone of much local commerce and employment, meaning that the importance of our small and medium enterprises cannot be overstated. But neither can we ignore the immense strain these businesses have been under throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Support for SMEs is therefore more necessary than ever before.

In my constituency of Birmingham Hall Green, SMEs form an important aspect of our communities. Our small and medium enterprises cater for diverse needs and interests and provide jobs and income for thousands of people. Whilst their enterprising spirit has been tested and sharpened throughout the challenges of lockdown, many businesses are now approaching the re-opening of our economy with hope and determination.

That is why I believe that the work of SME4Labour is vital to our Party and our movement. Small and medium enterprises should be a central part of our vision for a more fair, more equal, and happier society and SME4Labour are ensuring that the interests of SMEs are at the forefront of our work in trying to transform the UK in such a way. I look forward to working with SME4Labour now and in the future.

Tahir Ali MP

Member of Parliament for Birmingham Hall Green

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