Labour Party Conference 2018

Labour Conference 2018: Lessons from the Fight against Fixed Odd Betting Terminals

24 September 2018 Labour Party Conference ACC Liverpool SME4Labour together with the Labour Campaign for Gambling Reform hosted a panel discussion on the lessons from the fight against fixed-odd betting terminals with Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson, gambling campaigner Matt Zarb-Cousin and Bradford Councillor Richard Dunbar. The event was kindly chaired by Carolyn [...]

Labour Conference 2018: How Labour Councils Can Support SMEs

23 September 2018 Labour Party Conference ACC Liverpool SME4Labour began party conference with a panel discussion bringing together councillors from across the country to share ideas and best practice on what local government can do to support SMEs. Cllr Needa Khan Cllr Rachel Eden Bill Esterson MP Cllr Mete Coban Cllr Kieron Willams

Labour Conference 2018: Small Business Question Time with Ayesha Hazarika – Sponsored by IPSE

Date: 25th September 2018 Labour Party Conference ACC Liverpool   SME4Labour collaborated with the As­sociation of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed to host a 'Small Business Question Time' at Labour Party Conference 2018. After Ayesha Hazarika introduced the panel, the debate kicked off with a question on how the Labour Party can convince SMEs to vote [...]

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