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At SME4Labour, we provide a variety of membership options tailored to suit your preferences. Whether you wish to participate in our exclusive events or simply connect with fellow supporters, our membership packages are designed to meet your needs. Our members enjoy a range of benefits, depending on the chosen membership plan. Payment plans are flexible, allowing members to opt for either monthly or yearly subscriptions. Join SME4Labour today and be part of a community dedicated to promoting and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK.


Joining SME4Labour grants you exclusive access to a diverse array of events hosted throughout the year. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in various activities, such as our SME4Labour annual summit, industry-related seminars, networking gatherings, and many other exciting events. 

Annual Summit Savings

At SME4Labour, our members take center stage, and every membership plan comes with an exclusive discount on our annual summit. The summit features dynamic sessions with speakers from various sectors within the SME community and offers our members a unique opportunity to contribute to shaping progressive policies.

Networking Gatherings

SME4Labour is the hub for the SME community to converge and connect. Our social gatherings provide an excellent opportunity to mingle with fellow enthusiasts, learn more about our organization, and share a moment over refreshments!

Annual Insight Sessions

The SME4Labour Team is committed to keeping our members informed about the latest developments in the world of SMEs and policy. As part of our SME4Labour Standard Plus and Premium membership plans, we provide exclusive Annual Insight Sessions.