Mary Kelly Foy MP’s Message of Support for SME4Labour

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted all too often that big business can voice its concerns to the Government, but by contrast the plight and struggles of SMEs and the self-employed fall on deaf ears.

The Labour Party must stand up and be a voice for the thousands of hardworking micro, small and medium sized businesses whom don’t possess the Prime Minister’s phone number as a means to raise their grievance.

In my constituency, the City of Durham, many independent businesses regularly tell me that our economy is not a level playing field, favouring online multinational giants and penalising those with roots in their local community. From inflexible business rates to those excluded from COVID support SMEs are all too often overlooked.

SME4Labour are vital to ensuring that the Labour Party can be the authentic voice for those businesses who work hard and play by the rules.

Through listening to these businesses , and acting as a strong voice for reform, Labour can make transformative change which will level the playing field, making a real difference to the prosperity of SMEs at the heart of our local communities and on which so many jobs rely.

Mary Kelly Foy MP

Member of Parliament for the City of Durham

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