Kerry McCarthy MP’s Message of Support for SME4Labour

It’s been an incredibly tough 18 months for small businesses, but many have rallied to support the local Covid community response. I know in my constituency of Bristol East this has involved cafés feeding NHS staff free of charge, shop owners volunteering their buildings, and delivery companies ensuring vulnerable people still received their fruit and veg. I hope this Gala Dinner will be an opportunity to celebrate the massive contribution SMEs have made during the pandemic.

The Chancellor has deliberately ignored the plight of the 3 million freelancers and company directors excluded from his support schemes. In the hospitality/ events sector, many SMEs have also been overlooked. It’s all well and good for large wedding venues to be compensated for losses but the caterers, florists, and photographers are just as integral and deserving of support.

SME Labour is on the side of small business and all those the Government has excluded. Hardworking, innovative businesses have borne the brunt of the economic damage. It is these very same small businesses which must be allowed to lead the UK’s recovery from the pandemic.

Kerry McCarthy

Labour MP for Bristol East

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