Keir Starmer MP’s Message of Support for SME4Labour

I’d like to send you my best regards for this year’s SME4Labour Annual Gala Dinner and congratulate you for all you have achieved over the past year.

Small and medium enterprise accounts for 52% of private sector turnover in the UK and employs over 16.8 million people. It’s therefore vitally important that Labour has informed and constructive discussion on areas of policy which impact upon SMEs, and that we bring SME employees and owners into the Labour Party. I’d therefore like to extend my thanks to SME4Labour, for all the work you do to achieve this.

As Labour leader, I am committed to making this the most pro-business Labour Party ever. I’m making the argument for a new partnership between an active state and enterprising business. The next Labour government will be focussed on tackling the deep inequalities and injustices across our country. We’ll ensure that business can thrive and create the jobs of the future, and help every region and nation prosper.

The past year has been incredibly tough for small and medium businesses, but so many have stepped up to protect workers and to serve their communities. The pandemic has shown us the best of Britain, but it has also shown us our fragilities. We’re at a fork in the road, the Conservatives want to take us back to the economic model that weakened our foundations and left us exposed to the pandemic. Labour wants to go forward to a stronger more prosperous future, and we want to work with business to deliver the fundamental change needed.

I hope you have a stimulating evening and enjoy your coming together.


Keir Starmer MP

Leader of the Labour Party

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