Cllr Sunny Lambe’s Message of Support for SME4Labour

More often than I can remember, the Tories have claimed that moral ground of being the only party of business. Sadly, our own Labour Party had allowed them to run away with myth. It is now up to us, progressive democratic Labour movement to now reclaim that space as a true party of aspiration and compassion which I sincerely believe the SME4Labour espouses to represent, year in, year out. Well done!”

Cllr Sunny Lambe

Labour and Co-operative Councillor for South Bermondsey Ward

Community Champion for North East Multi-Wards Area

Stephen Timms MP’s Message of Support for SME4Labour

SMEs are the lifeblood of our economy.  They play a crucial role as innovators.  They recruit far more unemployed people into jobs than large...

Kim Johnson MP’s Message of Support for SME4Labour

As the MP for the heart of the city of Liverpool, I know just how valuable SMEs are in creating wealth in our region,...