Cllr Steve Fritchley’s Message of Support for SME4Labour

SME4Labour does a great job in supporting small and medium size businesses. Here at Bolsover we also recognise the importance of supporting local businesses. We have been working with local businesses providing advice and guidance on how to operate safely. We are making every effort to stimulate the local economy by adopting a Keynesian approach and spending locally. Many of our independent, local businesses have been at the frontline of the community response to the pandemic, staying open throughout to provide essential food supplies, fresh produce and services, but they now need our help!

To help in the recovery, among many other initiatives, the council has launched a shop local campaign, free advertising on Bolsover TV and Council publications, provides an easy access loan fund for small business support and has agreed a £32 million new house building programme, which through its main contractor (a local company) have agreed a target 80% of its sub-contractors from within 20 miles of each of the sites.

Cllr Steve Fritchley

Council Leader

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