Cllr Peray Ahmet’s Message of Support for SME4Labour

As we recover from Covid-19 and Brexit, our focus absolutely needs to be on supporting our SMEs and local economies, but this Conservative government has proven to be firmly on the side of big business. From the awarding of the new UK passports to a French company, leading to the loss of 171 British jobs, to the fact that 81 per cent of small businesses saying they haven’t had enough support from the government during Covid-19 – it’s clear this government can’t be trusted to prioritise small business.   

Haringey is a borough of and for SMEs – with 93.1% of businesses employing less than 10 people, our economy is dominated by small businesses. A large percentage of our SMEs are Black Minority Ethnic owned, and bring incredible diversity, innovation, and creativity to our borough. Frustratingly, systemic disadvantage plays a key role in their success, and these entrepreneurs face persistent disparities in business outcomes. All Haringey’s SMEs are vital to our prosperity, both economically and in the way they bring communities together.

For us, the work of SME4Labour is now more important than ever. Ensuring the voices of small and medium businesses are heard, both within the Labour Party and more widely, helps us to genuinely understand the challenges our SMEs face and develop forward thinking policies that truly respond to these challenges.  


Cllr Peray Ahmet

Leader of Haringey Council

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