5th SME4Labour Gala

On Monday 31st SME4Labour hosted our 5th Annual Gala and Excellence Awards. This event is always the highlight of our calendar, bringing the whole SME4LABOUR family together under one roof.

It is an opportunity to meet one another, listen to excellent speakers, and celebrate those who have excelled in connecting the Labour Party with small businesses this year.

Our keynote speaker was Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party. Sir Keir said:

“As Labour leader, I am committed to making this the most pro-business Labour Party ever. I’m making the argument for a new partnership between an active state and enterprising business. The next Labour government will be focused on tackling the deep inequalities and injustices across our country. We’ll ensure that business can thrive and create the jobs of the future, and help every region and nation prosper “

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, also spoke passionately about his conviction that “you can be both economically competent and be the party of social justice”.

Cllr Ibrahim Dogus, founder of SME4Labour also commented:

“We founded SME4Labour for two main reasons – to champion the policies needed for Small and Medium Enterprises to thrive, and to bring entrepreneurs, investors, and business people into the family of Labour supporters. That job has got easier over the past two years – with Sir Keir Starmer, Rachel Reeves, Jonny Reynolds, Sadiq Khan, and the rest of the Labour team committed to engaging and supporting business.”

We also heard from speakers such as Lord Karan Bilimoria, Kate Nicholls of UK hospitality and David Evans, General Secretary of the Labour Party.

Also in attendance was the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Angela Rayner, Shadow Business Secretary Jonathan Reynolds, Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper, and most of Labour’s Shadow Cabinet.

5th SME4Labour Gala - Reception

5th SME4Labour Gala - Dinner

5th SME4Labour Gala - Reception

In the year since its last Gala Dinner SME4LABOUR has been non-stop – acting as a focal point for thought leadership and fundraising, and bringing small business owners into the Labour fold.

At the 2022 Labour Conference alone, SME4LABOUR hosted over 30 fringe events. More than any other socialist society, think tank, or other organisation in attendance.

Whether it was fundraising for a Labour Victory Fund, discussing Britain’s role in the world after Brexit, or organising to deliver Labour Friends receptions  – SME4LABOUR was at the forefront of the Labour Party throughout conference. SME4LABOUR will continue to push the envelope on convening for the Labour Party and bringing more small business owners into the Labour Party fold.

This Year's Winners.

Labour Shadow Cabinet member of the year: WES STREETING MP
Labour London Assembley member of the year: ONKAR SAHOTA
Labour member of the Senedd of the year: JACK SARGEANT MS
Labour Elected Mayor of the Year: MAYOR TRACY BRABIN
Labour Councillor of the Year: CLLR SHABIR PANDOR & CLLR KEMI AKINOLA
Labour Member of the Scottish Parliament of the Year: MICHAEL MARRA MSP
CLP of the Year: PUTNEY CLP
Labour Friends Group of the Year: MIGRANTS FOR LABOUR
Labour Council of the Year: WESTMINSTER COUNCIL
Affiliated Trade Union of the Year: COMMUNITY
Labour Peer of the Year: Baroness Angela Smith
Small Business of the Year: LOWICK


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