Tamils for Labour

The Labour Party Annual Conference 2021 SME4Labour & Tamils for Labour Fringe Join Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy to discuss issues affecting the Tamil community in the UK and worldwide o Chair: Sen Kandiah, Tamils for Labour o Speaker: Lisa Nandy MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary o Speaker: Stephen Kinnock MP Event Summary: We were joined [...]

Human Rights and Corporate Supply Chains: How to Prevent UK Companies from Profiting from Slave Labour

The Labour Party Annual Conference 2021 SME4Labour, Labour Campaign for Human Rights and Labour Campaign for International Development Fringe: Human Rights and Corporate Supply Chains: How to Prevent UK Companies from Profiting from Slave Labour UK companies are profiting from slave labour abroad, the Modern Slavery Act is no longer fit for purpose, and the [...]

Stephen Kinnock MP’s Message of Support for SME4Labour

Labour is the true party of business, but the reality is that we still have a lot of work to do in terms of persuading the electorate of this fact. SME4Labour plays a pivotal role in demonstrating that Labour cares passionately about small businesses across the length and breadth of our country, and that we [...]

Stephen Kinnock MP

Stephen Kinnock is a Welsh Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Aberavon since the 2015 general election. Stephen is Shadow Minister for Asia and the Pacific. Labour Business Reception Tamils for Labour Human Rights and Corporate Supply Chains: How to Prevent UK Companies from Profiting from Slave Labour SME4Labour Online [...]

Labour Conference 2018: Small Business Question Time with Ayesha Hazarika – Sponsored by IPSE

Date: 25th September 2018 Labour Party Conference ACC Liverpool   SME4Labour collaborated with the As­sociation of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed to host a 'Small Business Question Time' at Labour Party Conference 2018. After Ayesha Hazarika introduced the panel, the debate kicked off with a question on how the Labour Party can convince SMEs to vote [...]

2nd SME4Labour Gala and Labour Excellence Awards

Held at the Park Lane Sheraton Hotel in Piccadilly, the event was attended by over 400 guest. This included over 60 Labour MPs and peers, including several members of the shadow cabinet. They were joined by mayors, local councillors and other members of the Labour family, alongside trade union leaders and distinguished figures from the [...]

SME4Labour at Party Conference 2017: ‘Building a Pro-Business Reputation’

Date: 26th September 2017 Speakers: Ibrahim Dogus, Bill Esterson MP, Lola McEvoy, Stephen Kinnock MP, Hamish Sandison Location: Labour Party Conference in Brighton   SME4Labour in partnership with LabourList, hosted an event at Labour Party Conference in Brighton entitled ‘Labour’s links with SMEs: building a pro business reputation’. SME4Labour Co-Chair Ibrahim Dogus was joined by [...]

Beyond Brexit: SMEs and the Future of the British Economy

Date: 19th July 2017 Speakers: Stephen Kinnock MP, Martin McTague. Chair: Simon McVicker Location: Committee Room 6, House of Commons   SME4Labour held a roundtable discussion in the House of Commons on the role of SMEs in the Brit- ish economy after Brexit. Th e event was chaired by Simon McVicker, Director of Policy and [...]

SME4Labour Policy Roundtable

Date: 16th May 2016 Speakers: Angela Eagle MP, Bill Esterson MP, Seema Malhotra MP Chair: Stephen Kinnock MP Location: Labour Party headquarters SME4Labour held its first policy roundtable in May this year at the Labour Party headquarters. The meeting room was full to capacity with small business owners, start-ups and free-lancers. It was chaired by [...]

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