Mark Glover

Mark Glover is a fellow of the PRCA and sits on its management committee. He is also Executive Chairman of SEC Newgate UK, part of the SEC Newgate Global PR network a top 30 global communications, advocacy and research group. He founded and was CEO of award winning public affairs agency Newington Communications in 2006 and sold it fully to SEC Newgate in 2021. He is currently a member of the Advisory Board of Rewired Earth and is the Master of the Company of Communicators, the City of London’s Livery Company for the Communications and PR World.

He joined Labour in 1995 and served 12 years as a councillor on Southwark Council, with six years as Group Chair. Mark has a history of advocating for business within the Labour Party and has worked with SME4Labour for many years speaking regularly on issues such as purposeful business, ESG and the importance of clear communications with business for an incoming Labour Government. He regularly works with Labour BEIS team on such issues. It is vital in the months running up to a General Election in 2024, if not earlier, that Labour is seen as the party of business and of job creation. Defining how Labour will help business for the benefit of all stakeholders and not just shareholders, will be vital in giving Labour credibility with voters and winning the number of seats needed to see a Labour Government. I am 100% committed to ensuring SME4Labour is part of achieving that mission.  

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