Kemi Akinola

Kemi Akinola is Deputy leader of Wandsworth Council and Cabinet member for the voluntary sector, Business and Culture.

She is the founder of charity Be Enriched and a Director of Brixton People’s Kitchen which were set up to tackle food insecurity, social exclusion and food waste. She is the instigator of London’s first ever Food Bus, an on-board grocery store and café that brings affordable food to those in need. Kemi seeks to reduce food inequality and increase access to  high-quality, healthy food for Londoners.

Kemi is also a trustee of the Independent Food Aid Trust, a director for Putney BID, a governor of South Thames College, and chair of the Womens Network for the Co-operative party. She is a recent recipient of the Chris Herries Award for Co-operative Values and SME4Labour’s Councillor of the year 2022.

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