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Panel: Report of the Council of Skills Advisers, Learning and Skills For Economic Recovery, Social Cohesion and a More Equal Britain

SME4Labour were very happy to host an event in conjunction with The Fabian Society on gearing learning and skills towards a more socially cohesive UK.

The event hosted Labour’s Council of Skills Advisers:

The Rt Honourable the Lord David Blunkett
Bridget Phillipson MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education
Warwick University’s Rachel Sandby Thomas
Praful Nargund, MD at CREATE Fertility.
The Trade Union Congress’ Kevin Rowan.
And Chaired by Andrew Harrop, General Secretary of the Fabians Society.

Labour’s Council of Skills Advisers’ Report can be found here.

The panel argued that education and skills delivery at all levels needs to be reformed to make it more relevant, agile and capable of coping with constant and rapid change. As a priority we must create an environment where skilled and ambitious people can drive British business to be global leaders in their field, but we must not lose sight of the value of learning for learning’s sake and protect the arts, social sciences and humanities courses in order to maintain a civilised culture of which we can be proud.

To meet these needs, we need a curriculum that can adapt and evolve as needs change. We need education institutions that collaborate to establish barrier free development opportunities for people from all corners of society so that they can build meaningful careers and be more resilient to the ever more rapidly shifting tides of technology.

To watch the recording online, please monitor: