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Labour Excellence Awards 2022 – nominate your winners!

You are invited to nominate winners for the Labour Excellence Awards 2022!

Hosted alongside the SME4Labour gala dinner on Monday 31st October 2022, the Labour Excellence Awards highlight the work of the most successful trade unions, shadow cabinet ministers, MPs, peers, councils and party affiliates for this year.

Using this form, please submit your nominations for the various categories listed below, including a short reasoning for the nomination.

• Labour MP of the year
• Labour Shadow Cabinet member of the year
• London Labour Assembly Member of the year
• Labour member of the Senedd of the year
• Labour Elected Mayor of the Year
• Labour Councillor of the Year
• Labour MSP of the Year
• CLP of the year
• Labour Socialist society of the year
• Labour Friends group of the year
• Labour Socialist Society of the year
• Labour council of the year
• Trade Union of the Year
• Labour Peer of the Year
• Small businesses of the year

You do not need to submit a nomination for every category but are welcome to if you wish.

Awards will be given out at the SME4Labour gala dinner on Monday 31st October 2022. Tickets for this event are now available to purchase here.

View the fantastic video of last year’s gala dinner. We look forward to seeing your there to celebrate our winners!