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Simon Lydiard FRSA’s Message of Support for SME4Labour

I am delighted to offer my support to SME4Labour.

I am a former Senior Civil Servant. In that capacity, I acted as the SME Champion for my Department, and helped to improve legislation on public sector procurement to make it more SME friendly.

When I left the civil service, I started work as a self-employed consultant, and also helped to found a new small business which aims to radically improve the delivery of public services across the UK for maximum social impact.

Now I am no longer bound by the obligations of political impartiality I am proud to be a Labour activist, and enthusiastic about the work sme4labour does in building links between SMEs, the self-employed and the Labour Party.

The Tories simply do not understand small businesses, and particularly the self-employed – as demonstrated by the 3 million “excluded” from government support during the Covid pandemic. Labour understands that SMEs are the backbone of our economy – Labour is on our side.”

Simon Lydiard FRSA