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Murad Qureshi AM’s Message of Support for SME4Labour

Never before do our small and medium size business enterprises (SMEs) need more representation than during this coronavirus pandemic. As it is these very businesses particularly in the retail and hospitality sector that government has ignored the most in the major downturn to the economy. It is estimated that 3 million self-employed have been failed by the government. In Central London, many SMEs have missed out on the Treasury’s one-size-fits-all approach, as only 14 per cent of Westminster based firms on the business rates rating list are estimated to be eligible to receive grants from the two main schemes. For such neglect we need an active SME group in Labour strengthening our relationship with the sector and being a voice to government and informing our response to these acute challenges faced by them. SME for Labour is just that vehicle in such desperate times.

Murad Qureshi AM

Member of the London Assembly Economy Committee