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Matt Browne

Matt Browne is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress in Washington DC, where he leads the organisation’s work on populism, the transformation of progressive politics and renewal of democracy. Matt is the founder of Global Progress, an international network of progressive leaders, policy analysts, strategists, think tanks and foundations. He co-chairs the Berggruen Institute’s project on the “Renewal of Democracy in the Digital Age”, and sits on the board of a number of progressive foundations including; Policy Network (UK), Canada 2020, VoltaItalia, Terra Nova (France), and the Duesto School of International Relations (Madrid). Formerly, Matt served as executive director of Policy Network, and as an advisor to former European Commission President Jacques Delors. He continues to advise a host of progressive leaders, parties and movements around the globe. His recent publications include: “Insurgents – Inside a New Generation of Progressive Leadership” and “In the Pandemic’s Wake: Rethinking the Future of Progressive Politics”.

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