Bill Esterson MP

Bill Esterson is a Labour Party politician who has served as a Member of Parliament for Sefton Central since 2010. He has been Shadow Minister for International Trade since 2016. He was Shadow Minister for Small Business from 2015 to 2020.

SMEs and Digital Transformation

Cost of Doing Business: How Labour can Support Small Hospitality Businesses Through the Cost of Living Crisis

Labour Business Reception

What Do Post-Pandemic High-Streets Look Like? Lessons from Northern Ireland

Business Liaison Officer (BuLO) Networking Event

Beyond Excluded: What Can Labour Do to Support the Self-Employed after the Pandemic?

Labour Party Conference 2019: The Off-payroll (Freelancing) Regulations – the mess we’re in and how we get out of it

Labour Party Conference 2019 – Vapreneurs and the Economy: How Vaping SMEs Have Created Jobs And Opportunities Across The UK

Labour Party Conference 2019 – Business Liaison Officer (BuLO) Workshop

Labour Party Conference 2019 – SME4Labour and Labour Business fringe on Women in Small Business

3rd annual Anniversary Gala and Labour Excellence Awards

Rose Network and SME4Labour Breakfast

Labour Conference 2018: Business Liaison Officer (BuLO) Briefing

Labour Conference 2018: How Labour Councils Can Support SMEs

Public Forum “Local Elections 2018 and SMEs”

SME4Labour’s 2nd Annual Parliamentary Reception (2018)

Beating the Tories on Business – How Labour Can Win the Battle for SME Hearts and Minds Again

Impact of Brexit on SMEs

The Taylor Review And Its Fallout: What Are The Implications For The Flexible Economy?

2nd SME4Labour Gala and Labour Excellence Awards

SME4Labour at Party Conference 2017: ‘Building a Pro-Business Reputation’

The next generation of entrepreneurs

SME4Labour Policy Roundtable

First Annual SME4Labour Gala and Labour Excellence Awards

Networking reception in Parliament

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