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SME4Labour Model Motion for CLPs

Please consider taking our SME4Labour model motion to your CLP –

“This Constituency Labour Party believes that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the British economy. Last year, SMEs made up 99.3% of all private sector businesses in the United Kingdom, employing over 15.7 million people with an estimated combined annual turnover of £1.8 trillion, accounting for 47% of total private sector turnover.

“As a CLP, we recognise that the interests of SMEs and big business differ greatly, and we resolve to strengthen our relationship with local small, medium, micro and family owned businesses as well as the self-employed. We resolve to support constructive and informed discussion within our CLP on issues impacting on SMEs, and to work closely with trade unions and employers’ groups to encourage strong partnerships and collaboration.”


SME4Labour supports the Business Liaison Officer, or BuLo, initiative. Why not have a BuLo in your CLP to help Labour reach out to SME owners? Please see