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Local Elections 2018 and SMEs

SME4Labour will be holding a public forum on the upcoming local elections on Monday, 30th April 2018.

The keynote speakers are Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy Chi Onwurah MP and Sonny Leong, Co-Chairman of SME4Labour. Other speakers TBC.

This event is kindly hosted by Thelma Walker, MP for Corne Valley.

Over 99% of private sector businesses in London employ less than 50 people and with local elections in all 32 London Boroughs coming on the 3rd of May, it is important to discuss what local SMEs want and what Labour can provide. In addition, local elections provide a platform to send a message to the government about the problems for SMEs both in London and across the country.

Labour believes small businesses are  the backbone of the UK economy and through SME4Labour, we provide a forum whereby owners of SMEs can continue to inform Labour’s economic policy. Key issues such as the high cost of doing business and, issues with procurement, planning, skills and engagement have already informed national Labour policy to make an economy that works for the many, through the creation of a national education service aimed at improving business skills, requiring best standards on government contracts, reducing small business taxes, and creating a national investment bank to improve the funding gap for SMEs. While more information will be released on the 9th of april in the local manifestos about what your local Labour councillor is doing for SMEs and we hope this event will be a useful opportunity for both labour members and SMEs to discuss the local issues are for doing business.

This event will take place between 7-9:00 PM on Monday, 30 April 2018 in Jubilee Room, House of Commons. Please note that security checks are required to enter House of Commons, we kindly ask you to arrive at 6:30 PM, allowing the event to start and end on time.

We look forward to welcoming you at this event.