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Carolyn Harris MP is LCGR’s Inaugural Chair

SME4Labour is delighted to announce Carolyn Harris MP as Labour Campaign for Gambling Reform’s (LCGR) inaugural chairwoman.

As those of you at the launch of the LCGR on 6th December 2017 undoubtedly attest, Carolyn is one of the most passionate and eloquent advocates on the need for gambling reform, as well as a range of interlinked issues. We are delighted to have her fully on board.

Launched by SME4Labour, LCGR seeks to bring together members of the Labour movement with campaign groups, experts, and community activists to lobby for progressive change in the gambling industry.

As a group dedicated to strengthening the work of the Labour Party among small businesses, SME4Labour is committed to countering the devastating effect gambling addiction has on local communities across the country.